My experiment to delivery and in-boxing in Hotmail warm up

Day 1 – i was make 20K hotmail list one of my client subscriber will send then client Coupon udate Speed 25-Mail/hour 5-mail in 1 connection

Day 5 – Same

Day 6 – i double speed 50 email/hour

Day 7- again double but showing temp delivery issue so I stop

Day 8- revert and again 50 email/hour

Day 9- same

Day 10- same

Day 11- 100email/hour no issue

day 13- 200 email/hour no issue

Day 15- 13-07-2019 delivery working fine but need to focus on in-b0xing so thing about seed emailing.. working on it till then same speed 250/hour

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  1. what the inbox/spam %?

  2. 70% in-boxing , still working on reporting to improve inboxing will post soon

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